Paris in my Pocket and Paris in the Spring! (2024)

Can you guess what everyone in Paris is talking about? The Olympics, or the weather?

Normally I think the weather chatter would be limited to "Finally, it's warming up!" and that would be the end of it. But we've had a cold snap the last few days and you can see hope wilting faster than flowers as we return to near-freezing nights. I for one was maintaining an optimistic outlook. The words "These cold days are just fresh reminders of the warmth to come!" have crossed my lips more than once. But this morning when I got up and it was freezing and I had to dig freshly-stowed warm running gear out of my storage, I finally cracked.

Speaking of cracking - the Olympics turnout is still looking pretty low. Hotel rooms and Airbnbs around the city remain unbooked - prices are starting to fall. Tour bookings are light. Parisians were planning to vacate the premises... but are rethinking because they can't rent out their apartments at the ridiculous rates they were hoping for.

I think Paris might slow down significantly this summer, which could be really pleasant for those of us living here (beyond the annoyance of showing police a QR code to get home). But to keep the optimism for a warmer future, this cold snap could do for Paris what it did for London: serve as a massive ad. With so much attention focused on the city, and Paris doing its best to look its best, we might just see an epic rebound in 2025.

For my friends in tourism, I certainly hope that's the case. But for 2024, if you're debating coming to Paris, I say do it. Keep your eyes peeled for deals as hotels and airbnbs return to normal pricing, and then spring on it and come join the party!

~ Jay

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Company News

There have been some exciting developments over the last couple of weeks here at Paris in my Pocket, with the whole team pitching in to make the web experience even better for your time in Paris. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Jay has been continuing to hit the ground running every morning collecting hundreds of photos of recommendations to continue to update the guide. He’s also been filming some pretty useful tips for Paris travellers… but you’ll have to wait a little while to see what that’s all about!

Jeff has been working hard on the map feature of Paris in my Pocket - yep, that’s right! We’re thrilled to boast that Paris in my Pocket can now geolocalize you, with permission, and let you know what amazing recommendations are just a stone’s through from where you are right now (assuming you’re in Paris, of course!) The map will only get better, more specific, and more interactive as time goes on… so stay tuned!

I, Emily, have been re-organizing and shifting through the hundreds of tags we have defining each location in Paris. I’ve been merging and changing these tags so that you can have a clearer set of options when you “tailor your experience”. There’s still more to go, but be sure to check it out!

Arianna has been out filming and gathering content with Jay to turn into some pretty nifty reels on tips for travelers to Paris. Again, these won’t roll out for a few weeks, but be sure to follow Jay over on instagram to get all the updates on these reels and Paris in my Pocket in general.

And our future intern is… well who knows what they’re doing now, but they’ll be applying for the internship when we post about it next week! We’ll be looking for a part-time intern this summer to help out with content strategy and management, with a focus on analytics and a love of testing and gathering data - people who have fun with trial and error! If you’re a student based in Paris, be sure to follow Jay over on instagram as well, to be notified when the announcement goes out.

And finally, our affiliates! Considered extended team members, we have the best recommendations for tours and experiences from Paris locals, so be sure to check them out over on Instagram, or in our last Substack post.

Needless to say, the Paris in my Pocket Team is ramping up for a stellar season. We’re excited about what’s to come: we have lots of plans to keep improving the guide and other offerings, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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Things to do in Paris in April and May

Many of you are visiting Paris earlier this summer to avoid the Olympic rush, so we wanted to provide you with some fun events you might want to check out! Here are a few to be aware of:

Les Grandes Eaux Musicals - Versailles - From the end of March through the end of October, your Versailles ticket might include musical gardens (where classical music is played through the gardens of Versailles Tuesday through Friday) and/or the musical fountains (where the fountains “dance” to classical music on weekends). While these musical gardens aren’t anything to plan the timing of your trip around, they’re a lovely surprise if your visit coincides… If you insist on going to Versailles, that is!

La Nuit des Musées - Saturday May 18th - This is a European celebration, which for Paris means certain museums will be open late with free entry, some even as late as 1:00 AM. Also on the agenda are special expositions, performances, and just a general cool, late night, artistic energy. It’s a fun and unique way to experience museums. Check out more here.

Roland Garros - 20 May to 9 June - This world famous tennis tournament doesn’t need much introduction. It’s an awesome experience, with many courts and lots of different matches to take in at any one time. The food and drinks are overpriced but hey, it’s all part of the experience!

The Saint-Germain-des-Prés Jazz Festival - 13 to 21 May - Many of you ask where to find the best jazz in Paris, and chances are you won’t go wrong at the 23rd edition of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Jazz Festival. This festival boasts performances in the heart of Paris in historic locations, theatres, and cafés. It’s a step back in time on Paris’ left bank. Find out more and purchase tickets to some of the concerts here.

Printemps des Rues: Street Art Festival - 25 to 26 May 2024 - An annual festival celebrating the arts de la rue or street performance. This festive event is held along the Canal Saint-Martin and 10th arrondissem*nt. While this neighborhood is always worth a wander, if you’re in town for the festival, be sure to check it out!

Written and Edited by Jay Swanson and Emily Guernsey
Paris in my Pocket and Paris in the Spring! (2024)


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