Meet The Paris Olympics 2024 U.S. Skateboarding Team (2024)

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) has officially announced the team of skateboarders who will compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics this summer.

The riders provisionally qualified for the U.S. Olympic Skateboarding Team through the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS). New this Olympic cycle, the results of the two events (in Shanghai in May and in Budapest in June) counted 66% toward riders’ Olympic World Skateboarding Ranking (OWSR). (The other 33% came from points earned at other OWSR events between June 2022 and March 2024, such as World Championships.)

However, riders compete for quota spots for their countries, not individual berths. Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) has final say over which athletes make its Olympic team, so the USOPC had to certify the results of the qualification cycle.

At Paris 2024, 88 athletes will compete in skateboarding—44 men and 44 women, half in park and half in street. That’s eight more than competed in skateboarding’s debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Each NOC can send up to three riders in each discipline. Thanks to its athletes’ strong OWSR performances, the U.S. will have three men and three women competing in each of street and park.

It’s not surprising to learn that all six park skateboarders representing the U.S. hail from California, given the discipline’s popularity there. Among the park and street riders on the team, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida are also represented.

Here is everything you need to know about the 12 skateboarders who will represent Team USA in Paris.


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Men’s Skateboard Street

1. Jagger Eaton (Mesa, AZ)

Age: 23


Sponsors: Red Bull, Cariuma, The Heart Supply, Icy Hot, Delta, Samsung, Chipotle, IWC iShares Micro-Cap ETF Schaffhausen, Polo Ralph Lauren

Eaton, the Tokyo 2020 bronze medal winner in street, was hoping to make history this summer by becoming the first skateboarder to make the podium in park and street at the Olympics—and one of the few to do it in any competition.

He was able to do so at the Olympic Qualifier Series event in Shanghai, winning the park competition and placing third in street.

At the Budapest competition, however, Eaton finished 16th in park and in street. He still came out as the top American—and No. 4 in the world—in street, but the third spot on the U.S. park team went to Tom Schaar, who leapfrogged Eaton in the OWSR with a second-place finish in Budapest.

Eaton is a podium favorite in street and could be the lone American to win a medal in what is a Japanese-dominated discipline. The top three men’s street riders in the world all hail from Japan.

2. Nyjah Huston (Davis, CA)

Age: 29


Sponsors: Disorder Skateboards, Nike SB, Monster Energy, INK Games, Black Plague Brewing

Huston is widely regarded as the best street skateboarder of his generation and perhaps all time. He’s won 15 X Games gold medals, tied for the most all-time, and six SLS Super Crowns.

ForbesNyjah Huston 'Loving The Challenge' Of Remaining On Top In Street SkateboardingBy Michelle Bruton

There isn’t much out there that Huston hasn’t won, but an Olympic medal is at the top of the list. Huston competed in street’s debut at the Tokyo Games but finished off the podium in seventh.

Heading into Paris, Huston has a completely different mindset. He’s going out less, focusing more on nutrition and recovery. It will all be worth it for an Olympic medal. He’s also one of the United States’ medal favorites.

In 2021, Huston launched his own skateboard brand, Disorder Skateboards. In Paris, he’ll ride a board created specifically for the Games with Uncle Sam graphics.

3. Chris Joslin (Hawaiian Gardens, CA)

Age: 28


Sponsors: Rockstar Energy, Etnies Skateboarding, Plan B Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels

Joslin is making his Olympic debut at Paris. The 28-year-old announced his arrival in street skateboarding at the age of 12, when he successfully landed a hardflip down the famous Hollywood High 12 stairs. He then ollied the Hollywood High 16.

In 2015, Joslin cemented his reputation as a skateboarder’s skateboarder in Plan B’s True video.

Joslin doesn’t pursue the contest side of skateboarding as much as filming and trying to go as big as he can on features. But his third-place finish at the Olympic Qualifier Series Shanghai event, one of the best results of his career, shows that he’ll be a threat in Paris.

Women’s Skateboard Street

1. Paige Heyn (Tempe, AZ)

Age: 16

OWSR: 10

Sponsors: Nike SB, Toy Machine, Volcom Skate, Bones Bearings, Jones Skateboard, Triple 8

Heyn, at 16, is relatively new to the World Championships circuit, having started competing in it in 2019. She’s made four podiums, including taking bronze at World Skateboarding Tour Lausanne 2023, to earn a nice points haul toward her OWSR.

Though street will have plenty of youth at Paris 2024—the top three-ranked riders are 14, 15 and 16—Heyn, at 16, is the youngest skateboarder on the U.S. Olympic team.

2. Poe Pinson (Fernandina Beach, FL)

Age: 19

OWSR: 11

Sponsors: Nike SB, Bones Wheels, Bronson Speed Co., Mob Grip

Pinson, who competed in her first major contest in 2019, will also make her Olympic debut in Paris.

Making the U.S. team is a triumph for Poe after a string of injuries threatened to derail her Olympic bid. Now that she’s healthy, she’s put together impressive finishes, landing just off the podium at the Shanghai OQS stop, which still earned her a whopping 144,840 points toward her OWSR.

3. Mariah Duran (Albuquerque, NM)

Age: 27

OWSR: 22

Sponsors: Adidas, Tech Deck, Meow Skateboards, Thunder Trucks

Duran is one of the four skateboarders who will make their second Olympic appearance in Paris after competing in skateboarding’s debut in Tokyo. Though she hasn’t had any top-three finishes in the OWSR qualifying events, she’s no stranger to the podium, including winning the 2019 and 2021 U.S. National Championships and taking two X Games bronze in 2019. In 2023, she took gold in X Games best trick.

Duran’s signature trick is the hardflip, often down large stairs. For a while, she was one of the few women doing them.

Men’s Skateboard Park

1. Tate Carew (San Diego, CA)

Age: 19


Sponsors: Birdhouse, Vans, S1 Helmets, Mob Grip

Men’s park is undoubtedly the United States’ strongest discipline heading into Paris; Carew, Bottger and Schaar are all ranked in the world’s top four. And Carew has spent much of this Olympic qualifying cycle atop the standings.

The 19-year-old is a gold medal threat in Paris; he made the podium in both OQS events, finishing first in Shanghai and third in Budapest. He also took third in the 2023 WST Park World Championship in Rome.

2. Gavin Bottger (Vista, CA)

Age: 17


Sponsors: Converse, Red Bull

When Carew hasn’t been atop the OWSR points list, Bottger has. The 17-year-old has racked up podium finishes en route to qualifying for Paris.

In 2023, he took the men’s park world title in Rome. Then, in March 2024, he finished second at the World Skateboarding Tour Dubai.

Living in Vista, Bottger has easy access to the California Training Center (CATF) indoor skatepark to hone his bowl skills. But Bottger is also constantly out skating in the streets and filming video parts. He isn’t sure he’ll follow in Eaton’s footsteps and try to compete at the highest level in both disciplines, but he hasn’t ruled it out.

3. Tom Schaar (Malibu, CA)

Age: 24


Sponsors: Monster Energy, Independent Trucks, Bronson Speed Co., Birdhouse Skateboards

Schaar is riding a wave of momentum into Paris after moving up into the top three U.S. athletes (and No. 4 in the world) thanks to a statement second-place finish at the OQS Budapest stop, which meant that he jumped Eaton in the standings for the final spot on the U.S. team.

ForbesSkateboarder Tom Schaar Is At The Top Of His Game-AgainBy Michelle Bruton

The Malibu native made history at the tender age of 12 when he became the first skateboarder to land the 1080. He’s had an impressive career ever since, but he’s shifted into a higher gear since the OWSR qualifying events began in 2022. He took fifth at the Park World Championships Sharjah 2022 and second at WST San Juan 2023.

The well-rounded skateboarder competes in vert and park and hopes to see vert added to the Olympic program in the future. For now, though, he’s making sure the world knows not to count him out in park.

Women’s Skateboard Park

1. Bryce Wettstein (Encinitas, CA)

Age: 20


Sponsors: Converse, Bones Bearings, Stereo, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8, Mob Grip, Independent, Bones Wheels

Wettstein makes her second Olympic appearance in Paris and, as she did in Tokyo, she’ll expand the world’s impression of what skateboarding is and what skateboarders are like.

The Southern California native radiates positivity and joy, dressing in bright, patterned clothes and often bringing her ukulele to competitions to keep the mood light and fun. The exceptional college student also played volleyball in high school and has a successful surfing career.

Make no mistake, however; Wettstein is a fierce competitor. She is the 2019 and 2022 national champion in women’s park. Her style is old-school, recalling legendary skateboarders like Rodney Mullen.

2. Ruby Lilley (Oceanside, CA)

Age: 17

OWSR: 11

Sponsors: Vans Skate, Foundation Skateboards, Monster Energy, Bones Wheels, Ace Trucks, Bronson Speed Co., Mob Grip, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8, Nixon, SoCal Skateshop

Lilley took a non-traditional path to professional skateboarding. Growing up in Ocean City, Maryland, she was a competitive ballroom dancer. But as she and her brothers spent more time at the skatepark across the street from her dance studio, she was drawn to the sport. Lilley has brought the artistic expression and creativity she loved so much about dance to skateboarding.

The 17-year-old has nine top-10 finishes and finished eighth at the OQS Budapest stop. She’s coming into her own as a skater just in time to make her Olympic debut.

3. Minna Stess (Petaluma, CA)

Age: 18

OWSR: 13

Sponsors: Amy’s Drive Thru, S1 Helmets, Merge4 Socks, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Vans Skate, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Bronson Speed Co.

Stess, the first American woman to podium in an Olympic qualifier or World Championships, has plenty of contest podiums under her belt. When she won the 2021 USA National Championships women’s park competition at 15 years and two months old, she became the youngest ever to do so. Stess was also an alternate for the Tokyo 2020 U.S. Skateboarding Team.

Like Joslin, however, Stess is a skateboarder who competes in contests but finds her true fulfillment in the sport skating parks and the streets.

Meet The Paris Olympics 2024 U.S. Skateboarding Team (2024)


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