[Infographic] Packing List for a World Cruise | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)

ow can you pack for a long voyage that stops in different countries with unique climates and attractions? By simplifying the process and focusing on cruise ship essentials. The trick is to follow a few simple rules. Less is usually more. You can pack light and be ready for every destination and occasion. Start with lightweight and double-duty items, and then consider the rest. You'll save space, luggage weight and even money.

Lastly, prioritize comfort. Bring your favorite pair of pants and the shoes you never want to take off. Many travelers usually use a portion of all the things they pack; they tend to go for the items that make them feel comfortable and at ease. So let the idea of comfort help you pack while knowing you can always shop for what you might need along the way.

This travel packing list will take the uncertainty out of packing for a long trip so you can concentrate on having the experience of a lifetime.

Little Effort, Maximum Comfort

Many travel veterans agree that one of the best cruise packing tips is prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style. This means bringing pieces that will look great no matter the destination. Since you're also traveling for relaxation, cruising with items that serve multiple purposes and work in different climates is compelling because you'll be removing stress from the equation.

When it comes to clothing, focus on the cruise essentials to pack first, such as swimsuits, hats and sunglasses. Then follow some tried and true rules of packing for a round-the-world trip. Pack tops for different climates (including T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, tank tops and at least one ultraviolet protection factor shirt to keep your skin safe from the sun), bottoms (such as pants, jeans, skirts, capris or shorts), cold weather layers (like thermal pants, leggings and a sweatshirt), one easy-to-pack rain jacket, underwear, socks and a set of pajamas or two. This can serve as your base packing list. Then, add in some evening wear, like suits or dresses, accessories and any destination-specific clothes, such as a sarong. Include lightweight shirts that cover your shoulders and long pants to adhere to the modest dress in Middle Eastern countries as well as a scarf to cover your head or shoulders at modest or religious sites. Make sure you're including items that are breathable, easy to layer, easy to wash and easy to pack.

These Boots Are Made for Globe-Trotting

The best world travel tips have to include footwear, and choosing what shoes to bring can be a challenge. Seasoned long-term travelers recommend bringing only three pairs of shoes. To narrow down the number you take, choose neutral and comfortable shoes that can serve several purposes. You can even plan your outfits based on those shoes. This way, you'll save luggage space and leave room for destination shopping. One key tip is to bring shoes you already own and can wear for long periods without issue. You don't want to be breaking in new shoes during your travels. Pack a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers or closed-toe shoes, and a more formal pair, such as heels or dress shoes. You can also add one more pair that fits a specific need, such as running shoes.

Groomed and Polished on the High Seas

Toiletries are essentials to have on your travel packing list, but it's important to narrow down what you need. To start, think about your routine, from morning to night, and make a list of every item you use. Then think about the ports of call and the activities you might enjoy and make another list of what you will need, such as insect repellent. Simplify your list by picking the most essential items. For example, you probably don't need to bring all of the makeup you own — just pack the items you use the most. Make sure to pack the basics, too, including your toothbrush, moisturizer, razor, deodorant, brush, contacts, shampoo, conditioner, medications and shaving cream. Pack full-sized versions of each so you don't need to replace them as often.

Round-the-World Game Changers

Once you've covered the basics on your packing list, there are a few final items you might want to toss in your bag for added comfort and enjoyment. First up is sunscreen. No matter your destination, the sun will show its bright face, and you'll want to protect yours. Pick a sunscreen with a high SPF for better protection. Next, bring a big water bottle to carry with you to stay hydrated during the days you're off the ship exploring on your own. Also consider bringing a dry bag, which you can take with you to any water activities to keep your precious belongings dry. When it comes to electronics, bring what you will definitely use, like a tablet, laptop, camera, universal power adapter, charger and small power bank. You can make good use of what you cleverly packed by bringing a bag to keep your laundry in and using the laundry services onboard. Finally, bring an empty foldable bag in your suitcase so you have somewhere to put your souvenirs from your world travels.

When you're setting out to explore the world on a months-long cruise it helps to have a packing list that prepares you for every event, both on and off the ship. These cruise packing tips can get you started on the right foot, so you're ready to both explore and relax as you call on ports around the world.

[Infographic] Packing List for a World Cruise | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)


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