Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (2024)

Here's a list of the Best 11 Camps in L.A. for your Kids this Summer

We've put together the following list of the 11 best Los Angeles summer camps and programs for summer 2023. If you’re in planning mode for summer camps and activities, you’ll want to take a look at the camps listed below. Whether your child is an actor, athlete, beach bunny, or favors traditional summer camp fun, any of these camps can be the perfect fit.

How Do We Determine Which Camps are the Best?

The following list of L.A.'s best 11 camps and programs are listed alphabetically​. They were chosen for their longevity, reputation, and positive feedback we've heard from parents.While we consider these camps to be the best of the best, there are hundreds of phenomenal summer camps in Los Angeles. In the end, finding the best Los Angeles summer camp for you is a subjective process. Since many parents have their own criteria to determine the best camps, it's alwaysworthwhile to explore as many options as possible to ensure you don't overlook programs you personallyview to be among the best.

1.Aloha Beach Camp

Beach, lake and ocean fun day camp for kids and teens. Every day brings a new aquatic adventure as campers enjoy L.A's best beaches, lakes and water parks with day trips to Zuma Beach, Paradise Cove, Castaic Lake, Hurricane Harbor and more.

CAMP HIGHLIGHTS: Free Transportation, Day-by-Day Enrollment, Accredited Camp, 100% Safety Record, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

30100 Pacific Coast Highway
Lifeguard Tower 7
Malibu, CA

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (1)

Photo credit: Aloha Beach Camp

2.Camp Surf

Camp Surf bills itself as the "Premier Surf School in Los Angeles" and we don't disagree. Located in Manhattan Beach, this camp's been widely featured in the news and other media outlets for its outstanding programs and excellent surf camp instructors. Camp Surf offers year-round surfing lessons in addition to summer surf camps. If your child wants to learn to surf, Camp Surf is a can't-miss choice.

CAMP HIGHLIGHTS: This camp offers birthday parties, gift cards and so much more. They're the Official Surf Camp of Manhattan Beach!

3.Camp Wildfolk

Want to help your kids make some epic memories at camp? Try Camp Wildfolk! Campers can choose their own activities while enjoying the freedom to express themselves in many different ways. This is a fantastic camp program for kids of all ages. If we, as parents ourselves, could attend this camp, we would!

SPECIAL BONUS: Camp Wildfolk serves campers from Pre-K through 7th grade, but also offers a leadership training program for older kids who would like to become counselors one day.

1265 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (3)

Photo credit: Camp Wildfolk

4.Iverbe Day and Sports Camp

At Iverbe, campers participate in a wide variety of sports and related activities in a safe, fun and supporting camp environment. The counselors are nurturing and work hard to develop meaningful relationships with all the campers. From the moment campers arrive in the morning to when it's time to go home, kids enjoy basketball, tag games, hockey, track, baseball and so many other sports camp activities while receiving lots of personalized attention and instruction from the coaches, counselors and staff.

SPECIAL BONUS: The camp has three different locations throughout Los Angeles so you're bound to find a convenient location near you.

9854 National Blvd.
Box 287
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (4)

Photo credit:

5.Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club

From healthy snacks to fun activities to amazing camp counselors and more, L.A. area kids and teens who choose this program won't be disappointed. Consistently ranked near the top of all the various "Best Los Angeles Summer Camp" lists, campers play sports, take swimming lessons, work on their academic skills, and practice community involvement, all while enjoying one of the best summers of their lives.

SPECIAL BONUS: L.A. Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp is one of the more affordable camps in the L.A. area. (Quite a refreshing notion considering the high price of many other camps!)

2635 Pasadena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (5)

Photo credit: LA Boys and Girls Club

6.L.A. Zoo Camp

Even if your child has been to the L.A. Zoo before, this is a day camp experience they won't want to miss because it offers a whole other perspective of the L.A. Zoo experience. Campers really go "behind the scenes" to learn about, feed and take care of the animals while enjoying different age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts and many others.

SPECIAL NOTE: Zoo Camp fills up fast! Sign up soon so you don't miss out.

5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (6)

Photo credit:

7.Makers Mess

What child doesn't love making a mess? Makers Mess Summer Camp is the summer art camp where you child can -- you guessed it -- make a mess! (And the best thing about it is, YOU don't have to clean it up! :) For creative kids who love having fun, Makers Mess is the perfect camp.

602 N Hoover St
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (7)

Photo credit: Makers Mess

8.Saken Sports Camp

Safe, fun and well-organized summer sports camp located at Curtis School with an extremely nice, experienced and fantastic summer camp owner/director in Rio Saken. Kids can learn and improve their sports skills in a well-supervised environment taught and facilitated by experienced sports coaches and staff. From soccer to flag football to swimming and everything in between (including a great reputation on Yelp!), this camp has it all.

SPECIAL BONUS: Extremely high camper return rate year-after-year shows you they must be doing something right!

15871 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (8)

Photo credit: Saken Sports Camp

9.Stratford School - Los Angeles

Don't let the name fool you. Even though it's called the Stratford School, it may as well be called the Stratford Camp too because this is one awesome summer program for kids! How do we know? Because so many different families have told us how much their kids absolutely love going here and how much the program exceeded expectations. A STEAM-based summer camp (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Stratford kids hands-on learning projects and fun activities in nurturing camp environment complete with theme weeks, team-building activities, farming and more.

SPECIAL BONUS: A wide variety of programs and activities are available for kids and teens from PK through 7th grade, and you can customize your own camp experience, too!

Various Los Angeles locations

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (9)

Photo credit: Stratford Schools (Summer at Stratford)

10.Summer Acting Camp

There's a fair number of acting and performing arts camps in Los Angeles but the Summer Acting Camp really stands out. For one thing, they've been in business over 20 years. (Longevity like that is hard to find these days, and the principal reason for this program's stability and fantastic reputation is because kids simply love it.) Their program curriculum runs the gamut from sword play to tap dance and music to stage combat classes. If your child is an aspiring actor or actress, don't miss this exciting camp program.

SPECIAL BONUS: Early Bird discounts are available, so sign up soon to get the best rate.

La Canada High School
4463 Oak Grove Drive
La Canada CA 91011

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (10)

Photo credit: Summer Acting Camp

11.Tumbleweed Day Camp

A true summer day camp experience like you might remember attending as a child with horseback riding, archery, dance, drama, swimming lesson activities, overnight camp outs and so much more in an outdoor rustic setting. Located in the affluent area of Brentwood in West L.A.

SPECIAL BONUS: Free Transportation

1024 Hanley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (11)

Photo credit: Tumbleweed Day Camp

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for 2023 (2024)


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